Owner Registration
We can't wait to have you in the How's My Dog family!
How does it work?
1. Just take your pet to your favorite boarding center. They'll add your contact information, and you'll receive a welcome email immediately.

2. Every day your pet is at the boarding center, the staff will spend some individual one-on-one time with your pet and generate an update using a smartphone or other hand-held device.

3. The information will be sent directly to you that same day. All you have to do is check your email, and you'll be connected to your pet while the little guy's away!

4. You can even send a message to your pet by clicking on a link in the email message. A staff member at the boarding center will read the message directly to your pet!

How much does it cost?
Nothing! How's My Dog does not charge pet owners for updates!
Does your boarding center have How's My Dog?
How's My Dog has a large number of boarding centers in network. Please start by selecting the state where you live.
State or province: