Boarding Center Registration
We can't wait to have you in the How's My Dog family!
How does it work?
How's My Dog is super easy to use. You simply register on this page to create a boarding center account. As your customers bring their pets in for a stay, you login to the website and add them to your account. Once you've registered a pet and owner, they'll remain in your account permanently. Every time a pet returns for a new stay, you simply log into your account and create a new boarding period for the little guy.

To start sending quick and easy updates, simply download our free app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone!

1. Every morning, the app will show you a list of the pets that are currently boarding at your center.

2. You'll use the app to take a picture of each pet doing an activity or something fun in the boarding center.

3. Next, you'll type in a quick update on the pet's activities and any messages to be sent to the owner.

4. That's it! The app will take the information you collected, add our content "wrapper," and convert it into a fun message delivered right to your customer's email. Imagine your customer sitting on the beach with her friends and saying, "Hey, look! I got my update from Lucy at Nashville Doggie Daycare! Check this out!"

How much does it cost?
With How's My Dog, you can offer unlimited updates at your boarding center for only $49 per month!

Complete the form on the right side of the page to get started!
Anything else I can use it for?
You can also use How's My Dog to engage and stay connected to your customers with broadcast messages:

"50% off a grooming service for this week only. Call today!"
"The pool is now open at The Pet Palace!"
"Refer a friend and get $20 off your next stay!"

Your customers will love receiving the updates on their pets and will stay loyal to your center.

Step 1: Tell us about your boarding center
We're excited to welcome you to the How's My Dog family! Please tell us a little about your organization to get started.
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